Miller Medical & Dental Centre has several services to suit your needs. These services include in house pathology, dental, allied health and can perform minor procedures.


Sometimes patients need to be referred to other health professionals and here at Miller Medical & Dental Centre we want to make life easier by providing you with allied health professionals available at the practice.


Qualified dentists are available for all your dental needs. Miller Medical & Dental Centre work is a two in one practice to help you with all your healthcare needs.


Immunisations are the safest and most efficient way to protect yourself and your children against many different diseases and illnesses. At Miller Medical & Dental Centre, we provide all necessary immunisations to help keep you and your family safe and healthy.


We understand that children find visiting the doctor to be daunting, but you can be assured that our experienced doctors and nurses are gentle and patient with all children. We are happy for you to come in a visit our doctors or nurse to ask any questions and have your children weighed and measured.


At Miller Medical & Dental Centre, a wide range of services are available for women, from contraception, fertility, pregnancy, sexual health, pap smears and any other gynaecological concerns or problems.


We provide ongoing care for Seniors, addressing medical concerns that include incontinence, mobility, falls, difficulty managing household chores and memory problems. Come in and speak to one of our GPs who can help give advice specific to your lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, medication, care arrangements and support networks.


A wide range of services and checks can be made available for men to help them stay strong and healthy. Our Medical Centre provides expert advice on men’s health conditions and concerns.


Miller Medical & Dental Centre has onsite pathology, providing a wide range of test pathology without having to go elsewhere. Our laboratory is managed by experienced health professional staff and qualified biomedical scientists.